Sunday, December 18, 2011

NHL Power Rankings - Week of December 18th, 2011

It's that time of week again.  It's time for DGA's Week 10 NHL Power Rankings.  We saw a lot of offense this week, which means teams are playing more wide open or goaltenders are just awful lately.  I think it's safe to say it's a combination of both.

1. Boston Bruins (+2) - The absence of Gregory Campbell has really hurt the Bruins.  Something like that...

2. Detroit Red Wings (-1) - The Wings' 13-2-1 home record doesn't even account for their absolute demolition of all opponents recently.  If only Shea Weber hadn't happened to them...

3. Pittsburgh Penguins (-1) - Sidney Crosby's time off has allowed him to teach the rest of the team how to score goals.

4. Chicago Blackhawks (+3) - Patrick Kane's shootout goal on Niklas Backstrom was cool and all, but nobody seriously wants a shootout because of that, right?

5. Minnesota Wild (-1) - It's remarkable that the Wild lost in another shootout considering the Islanders don't have Patrick Kane.

6. St. Louis Blues (+2) - Jaroslav Halak must have realized that he's been outplayed by Brian Elliott this season, so he's decided to start playing.

7. New York Rangers (-2) - Brad Richards is the first free agent Glen Sather has ever signed to successfully bindly throw a puck to the net and win a game with 0.1 seconds to go.

8. Florida Panthers (+1) - The Panthers are either really good or the New York Rangers are the only team that takes them seriously.

9. Vancouver Canucks (+2) - The Sedin's are trying to make sure the Canucks will win with any goaltender better than Toskala.

10. Philadelphia Flyers (-4) - Ilya Bryzgalov allowed 5 goals to the Bruins yesterday.  I guess the real surprise is that he was still playing after allowing 4.

11. Nashville Predators (+3) - How do you come back and beat the Red Wings?  That question has been a mystery for years, but Shea Weber said "watch this" and did it.

12. Dallas Stars (--) - Richard Bachman's NHL career got off to an incredible start, until he ran into the offensive juggernaut New Jersey Devils.  Wait, what did I just say?!

13. San Jose Sharks (-3) - They almost lost back-to-back games to the Avs.  Then they exploded.

14. Toronto Maple Leafs (-1) - The Leafs are back to their old habits of doing everything you're not supposed to do to win.

15. Phoenix Coyotes (--) - Mike Smith was saluting Ilya Bryzgalov, allowing such an awful goal to Brad Richards last night.

16. Washington Capitals (+1) - We now live in a world where the Redskins are a more functional offensive team than the Capitals.

17. Winnipeg Jets (+4) - It's a good thing Winnipeg fans weren't waiting for Dany Heatley, because Heatley would have frozen after signing his first autograph.

18. New Jersey Devils (+7) - How weird is it that the Devils are 10th in the league in goals for, yet they've allowed more goals than they've scored?!

19. Ottawa Senators (+1) - Ottawa, meet your savior: Kyle Turris!

20. Buffalo Sabres (-4) - I'm surprised Ryan Miller didn't go all Patrick Roy in Pittsburgh last night.

21. Montreal Canadiens (-3) - The Tomas Kaberle era in Montreal is going as well as the Expos era went for the Expos in Montreal.

22. Calgary Flames (--) - They must be bitter watching Darryl Sutter becoming the Kings head coach.  It really is annoying when a Sutter leaves your team randomly, isn't it?

23. Colorado Avalanche (--) - J.S. Giguere's save percentage when the Avs are shorthanded is barely higher than the percentage of penalties the Leafs successfully kill.

24. Tampa Bay Lightning (+3) - Imagine where Tampa Bay would be with Martin St. Louis in the lineup... Actually, they were worse when he got hurt.

25. New York Islanders (+1) - Strangely, they did beat the NHL's top team in terms of points.

26. Los Angeles Kings (-7) - John Stevens' tenure as Kings coach was practically longer than half of the league's coaches this season.

27. Edmonton Oilers (-3) - Apparently, Steve Tambellini thinks he can get more back in a trade for Sam Gagner than Phoenix did for Kyle Turris...

28. Carolina Hurricanes (+1) - They had an impressive win over Vancouver recently.  Either that or Vancouver has some sort of goalie problem.

29. Columbus Blue Jackets (-1) - The Jackets are so bad that they allowed a goal to Eric Brewer last night.

30. Anaheim Ducks (--) - Teemu Selanne returned to Winnipeg and made a better pass than Aaron Rodgers has all season.  Oh by the way, the Ducks lost again.