Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who are the worst players in the NHL?

Well, worst players other than this guy...

A common hockey discussion could center around who the best player in the NHL is right now.  Of course, it's always amusing to discuss the flashiest goal scorers and the best defensemen and goaltenders in the league, but sometimes those talks can become boring after a while.  That's why I've decided to dedicate a post all about the worst players in the NHL this season, as in players who either don't do anything or don't have it anymore.  Take a look at some of my nominations.

Brad Staubitz (MIN) - Here's a guy with no goals and no assists in 34 games this season.  Then again, considering the team he plays for, he isn't too far off the lead in scoring on his team.

Aaron Palushaj (MTL) - He's played 15 games this season and has yet to record a point.  Why is he still in the organization, then?  Well, at 5'11", he is one of the tallest forwards on the team.

Philippe Dupuis (TOR) - He may be pointless through 30 games this season, but Phil Kessel laughed and snapped his photo when he was picked last for a team scrimmage.

Eric Boulton (NJ) - It seems Lou Lamoriello signed Boulton simply to show his young players, such as Larsson and Henrique, what not to do on the ice during a game.

Trevor Lewis (LA) - After a career-high 13 points last season, it seems Lewis is suffering from Kings-syndrome with just a single point this season.

Colton Gillies (MIN) - He's a former 1st round draft pick, yet his first and last names both honor two of hockey's greatest goons.  I wonder where he'll fit in.

Brian McGrattan (NSH) - His shot isn't what it used to be...and by shot I mean fist to the jaw.  He might challenge his career-high 5 points this season, though.

Chris Porter (STL) - NHL stars such as Sidney Crosby and Zach Parise have come out of Shattuck-St. Mary's High School, as Porter did, no matter how many times Shattuck might deny that.

Patrick Kaleta (BUF) - Since the NHL has cracked down on head shots, Kaleta has applied his knees more when he wants to deliver a cheap shot.

Marty Reasoner (NYI) - He still has a goose egg in the goal department this season, and he's a -18, and we all know that +/- is a valid statistic for forwards...

Steve Mason (CBJ) - When talking about Mason this season, no jokes are necessary.  Just look at his numbers: 4-15-2, 3.41 GAA, .881 save percentage.  And it isn't 1988, either.