The weekly GIF

Sports fans love GIFs.  So do I.  That's why I have decided to add another segment to DGA's weekly GIF, or as Steve Palumbo says, "The GIF that keeps on giving."  So check this page each week for a weekly hockey-related GIF.  If you have one that I should consider using, tweet it to me, Facebook it to me, e-mail it to me...pretty much anything but snail mail it to me.

(*depending on which browser you're using, you may need to click on the image to see the GIF properly.)

JUNE 1st, 2012: Stanley Cup Finals, Game 1

Did anyone mention that this Brodeur guy is 40 years old??
Scott Stevens would be proud.
"Hey Ryan, smell this Russian salt!"  (h/t @benhas19voices)

MAY 22nd, 2012: Playoff GIFs from Rounds 2 and 3

"Wrong team, asshole." (h/t @zerogravityfat)
Steve Bernier doesn't last long in a pile of angry hockey players.  (h/t @taryneliza_beth)
"Hey Del Zotto, no goal for you!"
Our lone GIF from the West this week...
The fan behind Dale Hunter expresses a bit of concern for him.
Carter and Briere used to be friends.  Okay, not this Carter...

MAY 7th, 2012: Round 2 GIFs

Only Western Conference GIF I could find this week.
Great save by Brian Boyle.  On his own teammate.
This hit came halfway through Game 3: late in the 3rd period.
Hey Caps fan, U MAD???
Random GIF of the week (h/t @NHLTROLL)

MAY 4th, 2012 (Friday edition): GIFs from Devils-Flyers (credit to @cj225devs for many of them, the others)

I'm surprised he doesn't fall down.
(h/t @NHLMemes1917, yeah I know, it's a Memes account, but still...)

And so David Clarkson, the Superman was born.
What do you do the game after you score your first goal in 100 games?
You obliterate James van Riemsdyk, I guess.
Ilya Kovalchuk throws a tantrum and the guy in the penalty box with him doesn't seem to notice.
Larry Robinson hopping like a bear rabbit.

APRIL 30th, 2012: Playoff GIFs of the week (again from

Travis Zajac doing his OT dance.

Scotty Upshall decides to make Steve Bernier his personal punching bag.
Nobody messes with the Holtby.
This one comes straight from Dustin Penner's newly formed Twitter account.

APRIL 22nd, 2012: Playoff GIFs of the week (all GIFs courtesy of SBNation's NHL site)

Clearly Evgeni Malkin's best open ice check of the playoffs.


Ovechkin found a way to rattle Chara.

"Stupid stick., Y U no score goals by yourself?"

'Bear' hug!!!

Lots of good OV/Caps GIFs this week.

APRIL 16th, 2012: Playoff GIFs so far (there's too many to only share one)

This one comes right from Ilya Bryzgalov himself.  He's afraid of bears, after all.
From the Clowe incident...
Maybe the net should get a call from Brendan Shanahan (source: SBNation)
Ryan Kesler falls over quite easily.  (Source: @FatChops51)
Last, but not least... (source: @kmart890)

APRIL 9th, 2012: Tim Thomas wipeout, part 2

With the Caps playing the Bruins in round one, I figured this would be appropriate.  (h/t @batmaneatsbabie)

APRIL 1st, 2012: Lots of failing

Not the greatest moment in Blues' history - @SkooterMcGaven

MARCH 25th, 2012: British league blooper

Down Goes Ref.  GIF courtesy of @HanaImi

MARCH 18th, 2012: Hi-sticking

Here's someone we all know from his Florida days!

MARCH 11th, 2012: The face-palm

2 goals in 14 seconds, Jack, Y U HEFF TO BE MAD?!

MARCH 5th, 2012: The Dainius-sault

Sent to me by @HardipGoDevils, @batmaneatsbabie and @YesJamesIsAsian.

FEBRUARY 26th, 2012: Tim Thomas wipeout

Because we all love Tim Thomas.  From the All-Star skills competition in Montreal.

FEBRUARY 21st, 2012: Schenn gets Kovy'd

Not sure where I found this one, but it's so necessary.