Friday, September 9, 2011

Signs that hockey season is approaching

I didn't lie.  The title of this post is "Signs that hockey is back."  Here's a sign.

Whether you're celebrating your team acquiring a big free agent, mourned in the sorrow of tragedy that struck so many times this year or just wondered what the hell your team was thinking, we're all hockey fans and hockey is back.  Well, it's almost back.  It's close enough to being back that I felt like writing this post.  Here are some signs (figuratively) that hockey is back.

  • Your team's official website has real news on a daily basis.  Instead of summer-quality news, such as "this game will be moved from 3 PM to 7 PM," there's real news, such as "check out this player's new skates."
  • ESPN starts talking about pre-season basketball.
  • All of your friends are participating in fantasy football drafts while you wait for your fantasy hockey league's draft.
  • Hockey fans stop tweeting about how their lawn looks too overgrown and more about possible line combinations.
  • You feel an earthquake, but soon realize it's just Dustin Byfuglien arriving in Winnipeg.
  • The Islanders' first round draft pick arrives at Nassau Coliseum for the very first time...and vomits when he sees it.
  • John MacLean is sighted in a local Newark parking lot with a bag full of jelly jars with him.
  • The Stanley Cup completes its summer with the championship players and returns to the Hall of Fame, of course.
  • Marian Gaborik starts to feel a pain in his.......somewhere.
  • Don Cherry buys a large bucket of tie dye paint and some plain suits.
  • TSN's journalists discuss the annual "Is this the year a Canadian team wins a Cup" article, considers the teams that play in Canada and burns the article.
  • The Florida Panthers start releasing marketing campaigns that sound like they were thought of by Gary Bettman on a bad day.
  • Fires start breaking out in Vancouver again.
  • People in Florida think hurricane season is over, but people in North Carolina know that Hurricane season is about to start.
  • Ridiculous hockey bloggers start to get back to their strict routine of posting whenever they feel like posting.