Friday, March 16, 2012

Some St. Patrick's Day Traditions Across the NHL

Maybe fans will start throwing four leaf clovers onto the ice.  You know, there's four leafs, ugh, leaves and all...

Like many of us non-NHL players, several NHL players have various traditions that they follow every time St. Patrik (or Patrick)'s Day comes around.  I've put together a list of some of the traditions that people around the NHL.

Patrick Kane - Gets drunk.

Tim Thomas - Goes with a group of his friends to someone's house to party.  I can't swear by this, but I don't think it's a white house.

Adam Larsson - Has a tradition of insisting to bartenders that I.D.'s are a ridiculous way to proof people's age.

Boston Bruins - Have "Shipping up to Boston" playing constantly at TD Garden, which annoys no one, says Zdeno Chara, who's guarding the music room.

Patrick Kane - Still drunk.

Dustin Byfuglien - Upon drinking his fifth or sixth beer, he makes the mature decision not to drive drunk.  Instead, he often takes his boat out, which doesn't always end well for him.

Colorado Avalanche - Like most NHL teams, the Avs sell green t-shirts with their players names on the back and an added O', such as O'O'Brien, O'O'Byrne and O'O'Reilly.

Patrik Elias - Spends the day (or year) telling people that he's, in fact, not Irish and that his name isn't spelled "Patrick."

Patrick Kane - Almost sober now.  Just kidding, he's drunk again.

New Jersey Devils - In honor of St. Patrik's Day (Elias breaking the franchise points record) and Brodeur breaking the win record on March 17th, 2009, the Devils wear their retro jerseys on this day, and regardless of what people think, they're the greatest jerseys of all-time!

Pavel Datsyuk - Has a way into completely fooling everyone around with whatever he does, so steals everyone else's drinks and ends up with a free round all to himself.

Don Cherry - Wears the only known kilt in the world that is gold and black and made in Ontario.

Mike Milbury - Every year, regardless of where he goes, he gets thrown out of the party before it starts, or once fighting breaks out.

Tyler Seguin - Has a reputation for being late, but he's never late for his St. Patrick's Day party, and it helps that his alarm clock is reliable.

Brendan Shanahan - Has been sent dozens of St. Patrick's Day e-cards, all of which play the same song.  What song?

Yeah, that one.

Dominic Moore - Spends time touring cities of NHL teams he hasn't played for.  This becomes easier every year.

Patrick Kane - After a long night of drinking and partying...but mostly drinking, he often has a hard time finding a ride home.

Jonathan Toews - Volunteers to drive Patrick Kane home, then crashes his car into a train tressel, which is still better than crashing into a jet drier.

Sean Avery - Well, who cares what he does anymore?  After all, I did say "NHL traditions."