Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things that happen every 4 years

Pictured: 2 NHL toddlers.  Simon Gagne turns 8 today and Cam Ward turns 7.

It's leap day.  February 29th.  The day that comes every 4 years.  Since this day only happens every 4 years, I thought it would be appropriate to look at some other events that only occur every 4 years.  This was one of the simpler blogs posts I've written.  Take a look.

  • Bob McKenzie screws up a trade on Twitter.
  • Scott Gomez scores a goal...sometimes two.
  • A Flyers goaltender posts a shutout.
  • Henrik Lundqvist allows a goal.
  • Peter Forsberg un-retires.
  • The Devils go through 4 head coaches.
  • Dany Heatley gets traded.  Twice.
  • Leafs fans call for Ron Wilson's firing, two weeks after petitioning to the NHL for his Adam Trophy nomination.
  • The Islanders win a playoff series. 

  • Just kidding about that last one.
  • Rick DiPietro wins plays a game.
  • Gary Bettman tries to move an NHL team to Mexico City, despite Seattle, Quebec City, Hartford and Winnipeg desperately trying to get a team.
  • The Detroit Red Wings lose at home.
  • A player that's 6 feet tall (or taller) plays for the Habs.
  • An Atlantic Division team goes over the salary cap (they're only penalized if they've won a Stanley Cup in the the current century).
  • Mike Milbury agrees that a player deserves to get suspended.
  • Several politicians fight to get to the White House, none of which include Tim Thomas.
  • Rick Nash has tried to get out of Columbus 957 times, each of which has been as successful as Janas Reimersson in goal.
  • ESPN mentions the NHL on SportsCenter.
  • Canada wins the Olympic Gold Medal hockey game.
  • Patrick Kane plays a hockey game...sober.