Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 NHL All-Star Weekend recap

Patrick Kane doing his best Vancouver Canucks impression.  Something like that.

Another All-Star weekend is in the books.  This year's festivities in Ottawa concluded last night with the All-Star Game exhibition.  Although many hockey fans claim that they don't really care about the All-Star Game, most die-hard hockey fans watch it anyway.  Since you're reading this, you probably watched at least part of the weekend, so here's a recap in case you missed any of it.

  • Carey Price knelt in his crease, Tebow-style and then turned his back to the shooter in the breakaway competition.  This is also known as "Steve Mason-syndrome."
  • Patrick Kane's Superman cape was the highlight of his career, based on goals scored on goalies other than Michael Leighton.
  • The car Logan Couture won for being picked last in the All-Star draft was the second fastest machine in Ottawa during the weekend to Zdeno Chara's slapshot.
  • The arena security had trouble identifying Scott Gomez at the gate, so they didn't let him into the building.
  • The league announced that the 2013 All-Star Game will be held in Columbus, where Jeff Carter will inevitably make his return to Columbus. 

  • At Gary Bettman's press conference, he spoke about the Phoenix Coyotes' situation.  He also pointed out that it is a growing fan base.  This season, only 96% of tickets they sold were free giveaways.
  • Daniel Sedin scored on Tim Thomas.  What he forgot to do, as requested by the Canucks, was run over Thomas and injure him somehow.
  • Marian Gaborik scored on his own goaltender from New York, Henrik Lundqvist (twice), which was a tribute to Game 4 of the playoffs last spring.
  • Dion Phaneuf hooked Steven Stamkos, which awarded Stamkos a penalty shot, this breaking the All-Star Game rule that defenseman aren't allowed to try.
  • Some people criticized the NHL for picking Drake to perform in the 2nd intermission of the All-Star Game, but hey, I guess Nickelback and Bryan Adams were both unavailable...
  • Tyler Seguin's alarm clock was just in time to sing along to Drake's performance.
  • One team won, the other team lost the All-Star Game.  Nobody really cares who, though.
  • Tim Thomas won his fourth straight All-Star Game.  Barack Obama did boycott the All-Star Game, by the way...
  • Tim Thomas was also mugged in the parking lot after the game.  This was obviously a political statement...or Sens fans who were angry that Daniel Alfredsson didn't get the hat trick.