Friday, January 13, 2012

Other trade ideas including Calgary and Montreal

What?  Me, ask for a trade?  No, I love losing for Canadian hockey teams with red jerseys!

It seems like Pierre Gauthier, the Habs' general manager, decided mid-game, that he was going to trade Mike Cammalleri, even though he didn't know where he was trading him to at the time.  Either way, Cammalleri is now back in Calgary, as well as Kari Ramo and a 5th round pick.  Montreal adds Rene Bourque, a prospect (Patrick Holland) and a 2nd round pick.  It's a trade that raises more questions than answers, but here's something you didn't know: Gauthier and Jay Feaster had other trade ideas.  Here's a look at some of them.

  • Gauthier considered making a huge splash and trying to land the first overall draft pick to draft Nail Yakupov, but then he remembered Montreal's long-standing tradition to not have a Russian sniper who tries.
  • A trade fell through between the Kings and Habs that would have sent Dustin Penner to Montreal.  Penner was especially excited about the trade due to the especially delicious maple syrup in eastern Canada.
  • Glen Sather decided that he wanted Olli Jokinen back in New York, especially for shootouts, but after Feaster asked for some of the Rangers' most notable minor leaguers, Sather rejected the deal, because he didn't want to give up Sean Avery and Wade Redden.

  • Calgary wanted to bring back a former Flame, and since Theo Fleury and Lanny McDonald didn't seem interested, but Cammalleri was the next best option.
  • Calgary and Montreal need a storyline next time they play each other in a Heritage Classic, and they felt this would have to do.
  • Rene Bourque is French, so he's a candidate to be the next Habs' head coach.
  • Steve Yzerman considered asking Jay Feaster about Miika Kiprusoff, but then realized that adding a quality goalie might get boring.
  • Pierre Gauthier felt that all Scott Gomez needed to score some goals was a good passing winger, so he went out and got Rene Bourque instead.
  • Mike Cammalleri apparently felt threatened after seeing violence in Montreal and Vancouver after playoff series, so he wanted to go to a Canadian city where playoff series don't happen at all.
  • The hockey world has been bored by Brian Burke's lack of a blockbuster trade this season, so he asked Pierre Gauthier to do him a favor, as other general managers in his division often do.