Monday, January 23, 2012

Reviewing the Boston Bruins' day at the White House

"What's that, Timmy, you want me to bring you a doggy bag from the White House?"

Today was the annual Stanley Cup Champions' trip to the White House to meet the President of the United States, Barack Obama, for those who didn't know.  It was filled with some unusual controversy, due to Tim Thomas' absence.  I wasn't at the White House today, but I can tell you that the day went something like this:

7:16 AM - Claude Julien takes attendance of his team getting on the bus.  Everyone is accounted for...except Tyler Seguin.

7:17 AM - Zdeno Chara hits his head trying to get on the bus.

7:18 AM - Mark Recchi diagnoses Chara with concussion-like symptoms, just to clear that up.

7:27 AM - Tyler Seguin arrives.  "Sorry coach, my alarm clock was set for Washingon D.C. time."

9:15 AM - Tim Thomas says he's hungry.  The bus driver pulls over and Thomas checks into Dunkin Donuts.

9:18 AM - Someone with a large mustache gets on the bus, so the driver figures Thomas is back.

10:09 AM - The bus pulls into the White House driveway.  They are met by members of the Secret Service, who explain to them some brief rules, including the newly founded "no diving rule," which shouldn't be a problem with this team, apparently.

10:11 AM - Shawn Thornton gets into a fight with a member of the Secret Service.

10:27 AM - The guy from the Discover Card commercial brings the Stanley Cup into the building.  Local D.C. reporters can't seem to identify what the Stanley Cup is.

10:45 AM - The Bruins realize the guy with the mustache isn't Thomas, so they kick him out.

11:13 AM - President Obama apologizes for being late, but the team isn't surprised.

11:20 AM - Brad Marchand explores the White House hallways, searching for the most delicate thing so he can crash into it from under it.

11:21 AM - Andrew Ferences retaliates at Marchand.

12:27 PM - After some pictures have been taken, Obama invites them to lunch.  When Tuukka Rask misses out on being first in line for food, he throws a tantrum.

12:51 PM - The chefs are shocked that they couldn't finish the food.  Claude Julien then informs them that Tim Thomas is mysteriously missing.

1:23 PM - Two unidentified Swedish twins are caught spying on the Bruins from outside, and immediately banned from the neighborhood.

1:54 PM - On their way out, one of the Secret Service agents tells the Bruins that he played goalie in high school.

1:55 PM - Milan Lucic runs the Secret Service agent over, but the Secret Service members don't respond.

2:02 PM - Obama thanks the Bruins for their World Series Stanley Cup Championship again as they prepare to leave.

2:15 PM - Obama resumes his usual, more important daily activities, such as filling out a Superbowl pool.

2:23 PM - Tim Thomas makes sure that the Bruins have left the White House and then returns to the team.