Monday, October 31, 2011

NHL Power Rankings - Week of October 30th, 2011

Welcome to Week 3 of DGA's NHL Power Rankings.  This is becoming a regular feature on this site, just as Detroit is a regular member of the NHL playoffs every season.  There is another new #1, as the Caps have dropped 4 straight.  I don't think I was alive the last time this team was ranked #1 in any power rankings.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs (+6) - The 7-3-1 Leafs have the league's leading scorer and with a win in New Jersey on Wednesday, they'll be one point behind Pittsburgh with two games at hand.  That in itself is pretty funny.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins (--) - When the Pens saw Rick DiPietro come into the game for the shootout for the Isles the other night, you can't help but wonder if the Pens' strategy was to crash the net...

3. Dallas Stars (+2) - Now that they have Sheldon Souray, Dallas fans can finally get over letting Sergei Zubov go.

4. Los Angeles Kings (--) - Look, the Kings are good, but how do you end a shutout streak to the New Jersey Devils?

5. Washington Capitals (-4) - Tomas Vokoun may want to take some puck-handling lessons from a goalie who has actually touched a puck before.

6. San Jose Sharks (+3) - All that separates San Jose from a perfect road trip is a stop at the "new" MSG.  Don't be fooled, though, the arena might be new, but the good old Rangers still play there.

7. Colorado Avalanche (-4) -

8. Edmonton Oilers (+8) - The only thing more entertaining than an Oilers shootout this season: Ryan Whitney's sarcastic Twitter account.

9. Chicago Blackhawks (-1) - It's safe to say the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup Hangover is over.

10. Florida Panthers (+3) - Panthers fans seem to have forgotten the existence of Tomas Vokoun, and for good reason.

11. Ottawa Senators (+15) - Their team goals against average is creeping downward which means one thing: the Sens are getting better goaltending.  Yeah, time to watch out for these powerhouse Sens.

12. Vancouver Canucks (-1) - Vancouver is starting to look like the old Canucks again: lots of scoring and continuous adventures of Roberto Luongo.

13. Buffalo Sabres (-3) - If you add up Ville Leino's career totals, you'd get numbers that would impress you...if it was all one season.

14. Philadelphia Flyers (-2) - Do Flyer fans miss Leighton and Boucher yet?

15. Detroit Red Wings (-9) - The Wings awarded the first win of the season to the Blue Jackets and have lost four straight.  I think the last time Detroit lost four straight were the first four games after Gordie Howe left Hockeytown.

16. Tampa Bay Lightning (-1) - Leading scorer Marc-Andre Bergeron, a defenseman, is on pace for about 90 points this season.

17. Nashville Predators (+6) - Mike Fisher's return to the Preds' lineup has sparked the team offensively and also caused distractions to cameramen.

18. St. Louis Blues (-4) - Entering this season, Brian Elliott had a career goals against average of nearly 3.00 and a save percentage under .900.  This season, he's sporting a 1.67 and .942.  It's funny what leaving Ottawa can do for you.

19. Minnesota Wild (+2) -  The Wild are doing alright, but despite adding Setoguchi and Heatley, they're continuing their tradition of being mediocre offensively.

20. Montreal Canadiens (+8) - Sweeping a home-and-home with the Bruins has given Montreal a big boost.  This is usually where Carey Price comes along and brings them back down...

21. Phoenix Coyotes (+6) - If a hockey team wins a game and there are no witnesses, did the hockey team really win the game?

22. Anaheim Ducks (-5) - At 41, Teemu Selanne isn't quite averaging a point per game anymore.  Well, we knew the end was coming sooner or later.

23. Calgary Flames (+6) - Wasn't it this time last year when people said Jarome Iginla was done?  4 points in 9 games so far, is he done again?

24. Carolina Hurricanes (-2) - Captain Eric Staal is an un-Staal-like -13 this season.

25. Boston Bruins (-7) - 7 of Boston's 10 games have come at home.  7 of their 10 games have been losses.  Does Stanley Cup Hangover refer to the Red Sox giving the Bruins beer between periods?

26. New York Islanders (-7) - Rick DiPietro took the shootout loss to the Penguins the other night despite not playing a second of regulation or overtime for the Isles in the game.  Perhaps this is Jack Capuano's new way of humiliating the "franchise goaltender."

27. New Jersey Devils (-7) - For the Devils, scoring is nearly impossible to come by.  For Lou Lamoriello, scoring is impossible to buy.

28. New York Rangers (-3) - The transformation of MSG has led to new and more exciting ways the Rangers find to lose games.

29. Winnipeg Jets (-5) - The Jets scored 9 goals in Philadelphia and then got shut out by the Lightning the following game.  On the bright side, they allowed 8 goals in Philadelphia and allowed just one to Tampa Bay.  That team is learning...

30. Columbus Blue Jackets (--) - The Jackets are technically only one game under .500 at home.  It's a shame they don't have as many home games as the rest of the league.