Saturday, October 8, 2011

Devils Opening Night Predictions

If you follow my blog, you're probably a hockey fan, so in case you aren't aware, the regular season has gotten underway this week.  Tonight is opening night for the Devils, as they open against the rival Flyers.  I've come up with some predictions for the game tonight and even some expectations.  Take a look.

1. The Devils have told fans to wear white to create a "white-out."  This may give the arena a playoff-like feel to it in celebration of the team's 30th anniversary.  Hopefully the players won't treat this like a playoff game, because that would be bad.

2. Scott Hartnell and David Clarkson aren't just randomly diving.  They just lack the ability to not fall every shift.

3. There will be fans fighting in the stands over who actually has the first Adam Larsson jersey among Devils fans.

4. Devils fans will start taunting Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, and by the time they realize those players aren't in Philly anymore, another Flyer will have knocked out a Devil.

5. Rinaldo will most definitely kick a puck into the net tonight, and someone will scream "Goooooooaaaaal."

6. All Devils fans who attend the game will have happier ears than those who watch the MSG telecast, judging by the current Devils' play-by-play team.

7. Mattias Tedenby will skate through Chris Pronger's legs and nobody will notice.

8. If the Devils lose, Ilya Kovalchuk will start asking for Jacques Lemaire to return as head coach, but Pete DeBoer probably won't list him as a healthy scratch for the next game.

9. Cam Janssen will do something stupid and hurt his team, such as actually getting on the ice at all.

10. The Flyers will get shut out.......oh, sorry, that only happens to the Phillies.  Wrong sport.

11. Petr Sykora will most definitely score tonight because he's back, Adam Larsson will score because it's his first game, Zach Parise will score because he's the new captain........okay Devils fans, let's not get carried away.  This isn't like some league where everyone randomly scores all the time.  That league is locked out right now.