Friday, July 8, 2011

NHL Player's Free Agent Survey

Every year, the NHL surveys the summer’s free agents and asks the players who have either re-signed with their previous team or signed with a new team a series of questions to better understand why players chose the teams that they did.  I have obtained a copy of the survey and will share it with you.

 (Superstars Brad Richards only) Why did you sign with the team that you did?
a)      I wanted to win, and I feel that I have that chance in New York
b)      I wasn’t going to Los Angeles!
c)      Honestly, I was able to cash in big-time
d)      It was the right decision for me and my family
If you selected “A,” tell us why you really signed with the team that you did.
a)      I wasn’t going to Los Angeles!
b)      Honestly, I was able to cash in big-time
c)      It was the right decision for me and my family
(All players) What are you looking forward to most next season?
a)      Meeting my new teammates and coaches
b)      Finding the new hot spots in my new team’s city
c)      Getting May and June off perennially (Toronto, Florida, NY Islanders and Edmonton players only)
d)      Opening night!
Seriously, do you actually intend to play out the entire length of your contract?
a)      Of course, I would never participate in salary cap circumvention…whatever that means
b)      I signed with an Atlantic division team, so of course!
c)      Not really, in fact, I’m playing for a year and then leaving the NHL
What would be the biggest achievement for you with your new team?
a)      Winning a Stanley Cup, obviously
b)      Winning a major award (i.e. Hart, Rocket Richard, Art Ross, Norris, Vezina, etc.)
c)      Surviving the cold winters (Does not apply to players of teams south of Winnipeg, unless you’re Dany Heatley)
d)      Being the player’s representative at the team’s annual 1st Overall Draft Pick party (Edmonton players only)
What is your top personal goal for yourself next season?
a)      Outscore Marian Gaborik
b)      Not get hit by flying waffles all season
c)      Not getting made fun of by the Green Men all season
d)      Not miss players’ meetings and become a healthy scratch that night
What’s your favorite part of your pre-game ritual?
a)      The locker room pep-talk
b)      Shooting pucks into the Canucks’ goal during warm-ups
c)      Facing the media (Anyone who actually selects this will be subject to suspension)
d)      Free food from the waiters in the press box!
How do you spend your off-days?
a)      Sleeping
b)      Making public appearances and community service work to improve my public image
c)      At the rink, working with the coaching staff
d)      Wondering who has the best public viewing parties for the NHL playoffs
Was the team you signed with your first choice?
a)      Yes
b)      No
c)      Aside from the Maple Leafs, Rangers, Red Wings, Capitals, Penguins, Sharks, pretty much
d)      No, but man, their General Manager had a very deep checkbook
Finally, where are you taking this survey?
a)      At a computer at my team’s arena
b)      On my Smart Phone while driving down the freeway
c)      From my home
d)      From my parents’ basement
Thank you for participating in our survey.  We are always trying to learn from our players to improve the experience for future players, so basically, you don’t benefit from this at all…but thanks anyway.