Saturday, July 2, 2011

Top 10 Video Special - Moments from 2010-11

It's been a while, but I think it's time to do another Top-10 chronicle. The following are the Top 10 moments that I will remember ten years from now. This is the seventh part of the Top 10 Video series. Enjoy, and I promise that we will all remember #1.

10. Have another waffle, Toronto!

While losing to an NHL team that doesn't even exist anymore, a Leafs fan decided that it would be amusing to throw waffles onto the ice...during the game.  That also made every hockey blogger's life much easier.

9. You want Gerbe, you get double Gerbe.

Trailing 4-0 to the Islanders, Buffalo's Nathan Gerbe decided he'd cut the deficit in less time than it takes for Brian Rolston to take one shot.

8. No goaltender required

Steven Stamkos is an elite goal scorer, but one night in Pittsburgh, things didn't go his way, especially when he was awarded a penalty shot.

7. Crashing Pittsburgh's party.

The downfall of Sidney Crosby's season began at the Winter Classic, when David Steckel knocked him out, leaving Crosby shaken up.

6. It ain't over until Tim Thomas says it's over

In a season that resulted in a Vezina Trophy and Stanley Cup, Tim Thomas made several memorable saves, but perhaps none greater than this one in Toronto.

5. Finding top gear

Okay, so I'm a little bias, but here's one that Devils fans probably won't forget for a long time, as Ilya Kovalchuk continued to pile up game-winning goals.  This one would be the only one of the night for either team.

4. Welcome to the NHL, Jordan Eberle

The proverbial, or "ideal" first career NHL goal is often described as a perfect wrist shot that rings off the crossbar and into the net.  Well, Jordan Eberle might disagree with you.

3. Twice is a charm

The goal of the playoffs was undoubtedly Bobby Ryan's double-deke against the Predators.  Let's ignore the fact that he undressed a forward without a stick, let's pretend he undressed Suter and Weber.

2. Stanley Cup Champions

Can you believe the Bruins had the nerve to go into Vancouver and indirectly cause riots??!

1. Saving the best for last

Okay, this one's a bit of a joke, but I couldn't resist.  Brett Lebda scored a goal in Montreal this year, and the world shook.  Don't believe me?  Well, a) I was there, so I can tell you and b) here's video proof.