Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remembering the 2011-12 regular season

The next GM of the Montreal Canadiens...very hard at work.

For 14 of the NHL's 30 teams, this is the final week of their season.  After this week, they'll all go
their separate ways for the summer.  In other words, they'll all go to various golf courses until September, apparently.  So let's take a look at the teams that will not be taking part in the playoffs, and remember each of their seasons.

Montreal Canadiens - This season has been "√©chec" in Montreal, or as Randy Cunneyworth likes to say: failure.  But hey, at least they got their money's worth out of Scott Gomez this season!

New York Islanders - The Long Island rebuild continues.  Or maybe it hasn't started yet, since Nassau Coliseum is unfortunately still standing.  With their young talent, they should be good in the near future.  Maybe...

Columbus Blue Jackets - This season was the beginning and end of Jeff Carter's career in Columbus.  What's quite unfortunate is that if Rick Nash gets traded, the Jackets might have to force Steve Mason into the All-Star Game in their own building next season.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Guy Boucher gave up on the 1-3-1 midway through the season, but those five minutes of stalemate in the Flyers game easily cost Steven Stamkos two or three goals.

Edmonton Oilers - It's been a failure of a season in Edmonton, not because they missed the playoffs, but because Steve Tambellini sent out "Third annual first overall draft pick party" invites out months ago. Oops.

Anaheim Ducks - The Ducks' second half run came up short of the playoffs, but Bruce Boudreau really lost his temper when he realized that Teemu Selanne might retire this summer.

Calgary Flames - The Flames miss the playoffs again, continuing their tradition of being too mediocre for a playoff spot, but not miserable enough for a top five draft pick.

Toronto Maple Leafs - The Leafs' second half collapse exposed a weakness or two with their team: poor goaltending, lack of defensive depth, lack of playmaking centermen, but hey, at least firing Ron Wilson fixed all of that!

Carolina Hurricanes - The Hurricanes accomplished two things this season: not trading Eric Staal or Cam Ward and re-naming their arena.  You decide what's more important.

Winnipeg Jets - Moving the franchise from Atlanta to Winnipeg didn't make them a playoff team.  Look for them to try to get 82 home games next season, and if that doesn't work, move to Quebec City.

Minnesota Wild - Ever since Jacques Lemaire left Minnesota, the Wild have changed the culture of their team.  Instead of not scoring and playing defensive hockey, they now don't score and play horrible hockey.  Progress, I guess.