Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 10 - Bizarre NHL moments

This is the third installment of the DGA "Top 10" series. So far, I've done Top 10 Bloopers and Top 10 Ilya Kovalchuk Devils moments. The third part of the series features 10 of the greatest bizarre moments in NHL recent memory. The difference between this and the bloopers is that bloopers are caused by athletes on the ice (for the most part), and the bizarre moments are either random or accidental, except for one. Enjoy.

10. CANUCKS FAN GOES GREEN - A Vancouver Canucks fan obviously felt that his team needed a little help to distract Miikka Kiprusoff.

9. MUSICAL STICKS - Bobby Ryan loses his stick, picks up another player's stick and scores a goal on a rebound.

8. NOT LEAF-ING EARLY - About win a 1994 playoff game, Toronto scores a flukey own goal in the dying seconds.

7. WAIT, THAT COUNTS? - Maxime Talbot will probably be remembered for being the 2009 Stanley Cup Game 7 hero, but his first career goal was memorable as well.

6. FIGHT AFTER THE FIGHT - Tie Domi squirts a fan, and nearly lives to regret it.

5. KOVALEV GETS ROBBED...LITERALLY - A Bruins fan sticks his hand through a small hole in the glass and grabs Alex Kovalev's stick.

4. GETTING TRAPPED - Vesa Toskala, who has a highlight reel of bloopers of his own, has the net fall over him.

3. THE FLYING GOALIE - Neal Little decides that he wants a piece of a line brawl in a minor league hockey game...involving Ray Emery.

2. WHAT'S THAT SMELL? - A Flyers fan fires a smoke bomb onto the ice in overtime.

1. DO IT ONCE, SHAME ON YOU, DO IT TWICE, SHAME ON... - Dion Phaneuf's wicked slapshot caused two glass supports to shatter...in the same period of the same game.