Monday, January 31, 2011

Most popular tweets of the NHL All-Star weekend

This past weekend during All-Star festivities, I did a lot of tweeting, as you might have found by now (@DownGoesAvery), and you, my followers, did a lot of retweeting my tweets, so hopefully that means some of what I tweeted was funny. Here's some of the highlights from All-Star weekend.


- Hey Devil fans, can we get this trending: #LundqvistGetsLitUp

- Seriously, why do Swedish goalies play so deep in their creases? Lundqvist right there and Gustavsson immediately come to mind. #NHL

- That guy sitting in the press box sleeping is Gary Bettman.

- Ovechkin looks overmatched amongst these world-class players.

- Alex Ovechkin continues to choke on nationally televised games.

- Here's a coincidence (not really): every answer to the @NHL's contests become trending topics.

- @NHLDevils not to mention youngest All-Star...ever. This league is driven by youth. (Skinner)

- Carolina fans should be familiar with 3 Doors Down. I'm pretty sure they did something at a #NASCAR race in Daytona a few years ago.

- he's least liked coach by players via CBC player survey. RT @SH_Leafs Ron Wilson would have juggled the lines by now...

- Dustin Byfuglien can't tell a difference between the defensive intensity of this game is about what he's used to in Atlanta. #NHL

- Damn Fleury...where's Brent Johnson when you need him?

- This is by far the most intense ASG in #NHL history. It's just as intense as Islander-Panther games are lately.

- If you want a lot of goals, watch the ASG, so Devils fans, don't look. This is what most teams do, score goals.

- Also in player's survey, favorite referee: None!

- Next year, my money is on Tedenby winning fastest skater and Parise winning shootout. #Devils #NHL

- Erik Karlsson salvages his reputation amongst eastern Canada by scoring. (Shootout)

- "Team Staal" is trending. Teen girls across America wondering: "Team Staal, is that like Team Edward?" #NHL

- Seriously, how do you NOT have Daniel vs. Henrik in the shooting?? (Accuracy)

- I'd like to know who voted for Ovechkin. Clearly people who aren't watching. (Breakaway challenge)

- By the way, total salary of NHL All-Stars: $204.8M. Total Yankee payroll in 2010: $206.7M. #NHL #MLB

- Potential ASG post-game headline: Angry Phil Kessel knocks out pair of Staal's en route to 5 goal performance, wins another car. #NHL

- The two #NHL All-Star team rosters total ($204.8M) is almost as much as the #Yankees 2010 payroll.

- Of course the NHL Network would have a Devils Stanley Cup show tonight. Thank you, DVR. #NHL #smart

- Hmm, anything for a hockey fan to watch tonight? If only there was an event that brought all the best players together for a weekend... #nhl

- Just announced: Avs sign Gretzky to 1-year...but the Islanders claimed him off waivers.

- Sean Avery is like the Jonas Brothers. He's horribly annoying, yet some people just can't get enough of him. #hmm

*Thanks for all the retweeting, and hopefully I'll never have to resort to "recycling" my own jokes, as I have here.