Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to be a good road fan at an NHL game

Yes, it is proven to be more entertaining to be places where you're not wanted.  Just ask Sean Avery.
 Last night, I was a part of the Devils Generals' group that invaded Nassau Coliseum.  As much as Devils fans get annoyed when groups of visiting fans chant for their teams at Prudential Center, our cheers were loud and at times, well, obnoxious.  It got me thinking, how do you be a good road fan when you're on the road with your favorite team?  I've come up with a list of do's and don't's.

DO: Cheer when your team's players step onto the ice for warm-ups.
DON'T: Bang on the glass when Zdeno Chara is nearby, as you might be killed.

DO: Hi-five other fans of your team when you see them walking around the arena.
DON'T: Hi-five Rick DiPietro.  You might break him.

DO: Bring your own food, since the food is probably over-priced at the arena.
DON'T: Bring waffles to the Air Canada Centre.  It just won't end well for you.

DO: Engage in educated hockey conversations with visiting fans.
DON'T: Ask a Penguins fan who their favorite player before 2005 was.  They'll give you a blank stare.

DO: Laugh off home fans who make fun of your team.
DON'T: Tell them that their team sucks, especially if your team is out of the playoffs.

DO: Get too close to a Vancouver fan, in case they randomly dive to draw attention.
DON'T: Bite them.  Not that anyone in Vancouver would ever do that...

DO: Ask an Oilers fan who they think their team should draft with their annual first overall pick.
DON'T: Remind them that drafting the best forward year after year has not helped them win anything.

DO: Participate in pre-game tailgates with other fans.
DON'T: Throw anything at a Leafs fan and expect them to catch it.  People in Toronto let things get past them far too easily.

DO: Talk to home fans about both teams playing in the game.
DON'T: Talk about potential trades with Flames fans.  Remember, Darryl Sutter gave everyone a no-trade clause before he left.

DO: Go to a hockey game in Philadelphia.
DON'T: Say anything, or your life is in serious jeopardy.

DO: Salute the hero/soldier of the game.
DON'T: Salute Jaromir Jagr if he knocks someone out.

DO: Get up and cheer when your team scores a goal.
DON'T: Celebrate your team's goal in Minnesota.  You don't really need to rub it in that your team can score a goal.

DO: Scream angrily at your team's coach when he does something that angers you.
DON'T: Scream at the Devils head coach.  As per team rules, he'll be gone by the end of the season anyway.